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Papier accepté dans la revue Renewable Energy

Pays/territoire : Corte, France

Un nouveau papier auquel j'ai collaboré vient d'être accepté pour publication dans la revue "Renewable Energy" éditée par Elsevier.

Title of the paper: Neural network approach to estimate 10-min solar global irradiation values on tilted planes

Authors: Gilles Notton, Christophe Paoli, Liliana Ivanova, Siyana Vasileva, Marie Laure Nivet.

Abstract: Calculation of solar global irradiation on tilted planes from only horizontal global one is particularly difficult when the time step is small. We used an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to realize this conversion at a 10-min time step. The ANN is developed and optimized using five years of solar data and the accuracy of the optimal configuration is around 9% for the RMSE and around 5.5% for the RMAE i.e. similar or slightly lower than the errors obtained with empirical correlations available in the literature and used for the estimation of hourly data.

Keywords: Solar irradiation, Artificial Neural Network, Estimation.


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